Conference & Awards Gala Dinner

The Conference Gala Dinner will take place onĀ Thursday 19 May at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.
Kennedy Space Center, SR 405, Titusville, FL 32899, United States.

There will be NASA KSC buses to take participants from Hilton-Melbourne at Rialto Place to the dinner, departing at 6:30pm and arriving at Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit at 7:30pm.

Four Awards will be presented this year:

william ailor Jerome Lederer Space Safety Pioneer Award
Winner: Dr. William Ailor, The Aerospace Corporation, El-Segundo (CA)
Sponsor: Lockheed Martin
NancyLeveson Vladimir Syromiatnikov Safety-by-Design Award
Winner: Prof. Nancy Leveson, MIT, Boston (MA)
Sponsor: TBD
nicholas Joseph Loftus Space Sustainability Award
Winner: Dr. Nicholas Johnson, NASA-JSC (ret.), Houston (TX)
Sponsor: Airbus DS
trinchero Da Vinci Life-long Achievements Award
Winner: Jean-Pierre Trinchero, CNES, Paris (France)
Sponsor: International Space Safety Foundation